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  • Thievingsquirrel

    Problems I have

    March 25, 2016 by Thievingsquirrel

    At the current moment you may notice that I have been very slack with updating the wiki. The main reason is that I am lazy, but I will add something else to the main reasons I'm not updating the wiki. My Ipod is stuffed up and I can't get images of the new cards anymore so unless I wait until they appear on the facebook server or someone else uploads the images the wiki won't be updated with the new cards.

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  • Thievingsquirrel

    Hello other editors of Dragon Era - Slots Adventure wikia

    I have applied to get admin rights of this wiki so that I can change the navigation bar so that it is easier for other users to locate the sections and/or specific areas of them quicker. Please support me in this cause to make the wikia better for not only me, but the rest of you as well.

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