Normal MapsEdit

     Chapter 1Edit

Water Isle
Earth Isle
Flame Isle
Isle of Light
Isle of Dark
Island of Trials

     Chapter 2Edit

Creek Village
Meadow Village
Wildfire Village
Village of Glory
Shadow Village
Town of Trials

     Chapter 3Edit

Aqua Tower
Earth Tower
Flame Tower
Holy Tower
Shadow Tower
Void Tower

     Chapter 4Edit

Ice Dragon Sea
Wood Dragon Sea
Fire Dragon Sea
Void Dragon Sea

     Chapter 5Edit

Ocean Temple
Nature Temple
Temple of Blaze
Holy Lake
Temple of Dusk
The Pantheon

     Chapter 6Edit

Mirage Town
Wickwood Town
Magma Town
Starshard Town
Ghost Town
Star Canal Town

     Chapter 7Edit

Altar of Water
Altar of Earth
Altar of Flame
Altar of Light
Altar of Darkness
The Grand Altar

     Chapter 8Edit

Hall of the Slain

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