The max chest drop number, for example "5+1", means you can get a maximum of 5 chests before you clear the last wave of monsters; you will always get 1 chest after you defeat the last wave of bosses; therefore, you can get a total of 6 chests in this stage.

Stages in Normal MapEdit

Stages Max Chest Drop Number
Stages in Chapter 1 First two levels of each area (such as Guardians of the Creek & Shadows in the Water in area 1) : 2+1

The last level (such as The Ocean Maiden in area 1): 3+1

Stages in Chapter 2 4+1
Stages in Chapter 3+ 5+1

Stages in Bonus MapEdit


Apocalypse Stages Max Chest Drop Number
Apocalypse Rider Hell 5+1
Apocalypse Rider Insane 5+1
Apocalypse Rider Difficult 5+1
Apocalypse Rider Normal 3+1

Lucky TuesdayEdit

Lucky Tuesday Stages

Max Chest Drop Number

Void Field 2+1
Blaze Field 5+1
Earth Field 5+1
Frost Field 5+1

Fun WednesdayEdit

Fun Wednesday Stages

Max Chest Drop Number

Seabed Blaze Town - Difficult 4+1
Seabed Earth Town - Difficult 4+1
Seabed Frost Town - Difficult 4+1
Seabed Blaze Town - Normal 3+1
Seabed Earth Town - Normal 3+1
Seabed Frost Town - Normal 3+1

Joyful ThursdayEdit

Joyful Thursday Stages

Max Chest Drop Number

Dragon Ravine - Difficult 3+1
Dragon Ravine - Normal 3+1

Thrilling FridayEdit

Thrilling Friday Stages Max Chest Drop Number
Blaze Treasure Vault - Difficult 4+1
Earth Treasure Vault - Difficult 4+1
Frost Treasure Vault - Difficult 4+1
Blaze Treasure Vault - Normal 3+1
Earth Treasure Vault - Normal 3+1
Frost Treasure Vault - Normal 3+1

Sea DragonsEdit

Sea Dragon Stages

Max Chest Drop Number

Hard 5+1
Normal 4+1

King Solomon's MinesEdit

Happy Weekend Stages Max Chest Drop Number
King Solomon's Mines - Insane 0
King Solomon's Mines - Difficult 0
King Solomon's Mines - Normal 0
King Solomon's Mines - Easy 0