Some cards have a leader skill in addition to their active skill. All Leader Skills are passive skills. Leader Skill will be activated automatically in battles when they are set as the leader in the Battle Team. Choose leader skill wisely as they have tremendous power.

The leader skill of your helper's team leader will also be active in the battle if that helper is a friend of you (on your friend list).

Skill TypeEdit


Offensive type deals damage to enemies when triggered.

  • Additional Attack Every Round
  • Elemental Vengeance

Attack AuraEdit

Attack aura type increases the attack power of corresponding cards.

  • Elemental Aura
  • Race Aura
  • Card Type Aura
  • Healthy Boost

Recovery AuraEdit

Recovery aura type boosts the recovery ability of cards belonging to a specific element.


Heal type recovers certain amount of HP of your Battle Team each turn.

HP BoosterEdit

HP Booster type increases the HP of cards belong to a specific element or race.

HP Plus Attack AuraEdit

HP plus attack aura type increases the HP and boosts the attack power of cards belonging to a specific element, card type or race.

Attack Plus Recovery AuraEdit

Attack plus recovery aura type boosts the attack and recovery power of cards belonging to a specific element.


Defensive type reduces the damage dealt to your Battle Team.

Spin Result InterfererEdit

Spin result interferer type interferes the result of your spins for a few rounds, increasing the chances of matching specific symbols or the appearing chances for chests or Wild symbols.


Other types, such as reducing the coins required to spin the reels, reviving the team with 1 HP when killed by a single attack.