Friend limit increases as you level up. You can have up to 50 friends at level 61. But you can buy additional slots from Gem Shop.

When you start a battle, game will select 25 random friends that were active in last 12 hours and present them as helpers to you. Plus three random people.

Benefits of FriendsEdit

  • Choosing a friend as helper grants you 10 pal points instead of 5
  • The leader skill of a friend-helper is active during the battle
  • If you login often, you will be listed on the helper list of your friends, and you will get 10 pal points for each time they have chosen you as helper
  • You can build a guild and play together!
  • You can fight raid bosses together and earn rewards
  • You can ask them to put on the leader you need or ask for strategy advices through in-game message

Add FriendEdit

  • Menu--Friendship--Search--enter friends' game ID
  • Recruit--scroll down--Add friend (these are players that just got good cards, usually new players and gem recruiters)
  • Home--Guild--Members--Add Friend
  • Choose non-friend player as helper, and at the end of the battle, when asked if you'd like to send friend request, tap OK
  • Post friend wanted message on the TouchArcade forum, Playmage official forum, app review, etc.

Invite BonusEdit

If new players enter your game ID at the end of the tutorial, you will get corresponding rewards. The best reward is a 6-star Fairy Queen!

Check & Claim Invite Bonus:

Menu--Invite Bonus

Private Message with FriendsEdit

You can send private messages to players on your friend list. 

How to send: Menu--Friendship--tap the Message button