When your crew member cards reach level 20, they can be evolved to a much more powerful card with an extra rarity star. After evolved, the card will become a rarer card with a different name and appearance; the Active Skill may be enhanced;  some cards don't have Leader Skill before may gain a Leader Skill.

After card is evolved, it will drop down to level 1, but it will gain more stats after each upgrade.


Evolve requires:

  • 1 target card
  • 1 identical material card
  • 1-4 materials
  • some coins


Cards—→Evovle—→Tap the left empty slot to add a target card—→Tap Evolve

Material RequiredEdit

Please help add the required evolution material info in the Materials for Evolution column in Monster Book & Evolution section.

Evolvable or NotEdit

Check the Monster Book & Evolution section.

How to check cards' evolvability in game:

go to Cards ----> Evolve ----> tap the left box with the "+" mark and you will go into the target card selecting screen----> all the shaded and not selectable cards are not evolvable; cards with only profile picture shaded are evolvable but maybe have not reached level 20 or some required materials are missing; cards with the whole bar normally lightened are able to get evolved now