Every card possess one Active Skill. When your crew members flash in the battle screen, it means their active skill is ready to be used. Using the right skill to speed up the process or clear out the obstacles at some point of the battle.

Active Skill has a level and cooldown. You can upgrade the level of a card's Active Skill by strengthening it with material cards that possess the same Active Skill. Cooldown (sand glass) is calculated by rounds.

Skill TypeEdit

Direct DamageEdit

Direct damage type deals direct damage to enemy(s).

Direct damage type can be divided into several categories:

  • Single Target Attack
  • All Target Attack
  • Fixed Damage to All
  • Specific Elemental Group Attack
  • Poison
  • HP Deduct
  • Elemental Retaliation
  • Others


Recovery type restores your team HP immediately.

Attack ReinforcedEdit

Attack reinforced type strengthens the damage power of specific elemental cards or all cards for a few rounds.

Weaken ArmorEdit

Weaken Armor type reduces the armor of all enemies for a few rounds.


Defensive type reduces the damage dealt to your Battle Team for a few rounds.

Spin Result InterfererEdit

Spin result interferer type interferes the result of your spins for a few rounds, increasing the chances of matching specific symbols or the appearing chances for chests or WILD symbols.


Other types, such as reducing the coins required to spin the reels, increasing the attack countdown timer of all enemies.